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Hayden Claisse

Tim S. has evolved his leadership of the family business to more formal processes with the assistance of Hayden’s coaching

Hayden is a great source of wisdom and experience in business leadership which benefits me in our monthly 121s.   He requires me to focus on what’s important by his questions and observations.   He brings my attention to both my strengths and weaknesses in such a way that I then marshal my mental resources to enhance my likelihood of success.


Hayden coached me on creating a performance scoreboard with monthly tracking of key metrics against plan & annual goals.  This was the first time I have done this and the benefits are significant.  He also instructed me on the use of “12 Month Trailing Average Charts” which transform just data into real information of the dynamics of my business.


Hayden is determined, yet not over bearing, in the way he focuses me on improving my leadership skills for better company performance and results.  A key example is my holding direct reports accountable for results.  I have gotten much better with Hayden’s coaching in this key area.


Mine is a family business to which Hayden brings outside perspectives as my personal advisor – this is invaluable to me.”

Tim S., CEO, Hospitality Equipment Manufacturing

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