Business Coach

Hayden Claisse

 As BUSINESS COACH, Hayden works with leadership teams to identify needed changes and install processes for better results & more effective personal interactions

Hayden’s work with the leadership team often takes place in an offsite meeting where half or a full day is focused on a specific issue or opportunity, E.G., to:

  • Develop a strategic plan for growth
  • Define marketing plan given competition
  • Create a program for new products or services
  • Solve specific operating problems

Having identified the issue, need, &/or opportunity, Hayden works with the business leader & one/several direct reports to develop an agenda for the work session.

Sometimes a single work session will suffice.  Other times it is clear that two or three sessions will be needed.



A critical end product from such work sessions is the implementation plan with defined objectives, outcomes, and/or performance results

  • Metrics with tracking process
  • Periodic Review of results vs goals
  • Clear Accountability for Results

Measurement of results is critical because often some “fine tuning” of the action plan or process is needed to fully achieve the desired outcome.

Such Business Coaching with a leadership team not only addresses a specifc issue or opportunity, it also is a learning process which the team can apply to future problems.  Further, management team members are more open and engaging with Hayden leading the worksession, than when the business leader alone is chairing such a problem solving meeting.


More about such work sessions

Hayden’s Business Coaching Process includes many techniques for group problem solving and effective interaction . . . including some proprietary approaches . . . two examples . . .

One approach is to define the Core Process for the business in 5 -7 Steps with Tasks listed for each.

Then Metrics & Goals for each Step are arrayed on a Performance Scoreboard with monthly actual results.

Each Step is assigned to a team member.  Since Steps do NOT follow dept lines, the “Silo-Syndrone” is avoided.

Monthly Performance Reviews have each responsible manager report on results and corrective actions.

Another approach:  “CCG Profit Accelerator” is a proprietary seven-step process using only existing company data & reports combined with perceptions and judgments of the management team.

The Objective is short & longer term performance and profit improvement.

Many ideas/possibilities are drawn from the “collective wisdom” of the organization which are now visible to consider, assess, prioritize, and pursue for better results.



Often the culture of the organization tends to limit discussion of certain topics. Hayden facilitates these discussions such that now both approaches above are possible – the business leader learns effective delegation.


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