Hayden Claisse

Significant RESOURCES, i.e., Professional Advisors, are introduced by Hayden when clients need & specifically request such specialized assistance

Over Hayden’s career he has been particularly vigilant about building relationships with fully capable and highly ethical professional advisors.

Although many are clearly leading experts, nevertheless, Hayden responds to a client’s request for expertise by personal introductions to two or three appropriate individuals. In this way the client can form their own assessment after meeting & checking references.

Hayden’s extensive network provides a mechanism for finding niche professional advisors when a unique need arises that is seemingly not readily available.

Hayden always enjoys meeting new individuals and adding to his cadre of contacts who add to his list of professional advisors.  These result from personal referrals of trusted individuals.



Categories of professional advisors by functional area of expertise

Hayden’s own extensive network includes contacts who are leading professional advisors in their respective fields, including . . .

FINANCIAL  CPAs, Wealth Advisors, Personal Financial Planners, Investment Advisors, Tax Advisors & Attorneys, Insurance Brokerage: Commercial, Personal Benefits;  Business Valuation, Personal Property Valuation

HUMAN RESOURCES  HR Consultants, Executive Search Professionals, Temp Agencies, Senior Service Brokerage

LAW  Estate Planning, Transaction Law, Immigration, Litigation, Divorce, Family Law, Criminal, Labor

BUSINESS PLANNING  Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning, Project Planning, Exit Strategy Development

OTHER  Real Estate Brokers: Residential & Commercial

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