Coaching Services

Hayden Claisse

Hayden’s COACHING SERVICES are provided in several modes, begin with a Connection Interview, and are based on broad experience with a variety of clients

EXECUTIVE COACH to entrepreneurs & business leaders, E.G.,

  • build leadership skills in new areas
  • address critical people issues more confidently

BUSINESS COACH to leadership teams, E.G.,

  • define your core process & key metrics
  • ensure accountability by all management

GROUP FACILITATOR in on- & off- site work sessions to, E.G.,

  • solve operational problems
  • create more cohesive team

TRANSITION COACH for executives seeking new position

  • via Hayden’s Ten Commandments of Networking with its process
  • initial session is “pro bono” (typically 60 min)

YOUR CONNECTION INTERVIEW will provide direct experience with Hayden’s style and approach:

  • NO FEE for confidential “one-to-one” session
  • Identify opportunities for Hayden’s coaching

Hayden’s clients provide him broad experiences on

  • “best practices” to improve your performance
  • “past pitfalls” to avoid in moving forward

Testimonials from Hayden’s clients assure you that your investment of time/energy will yield real benefits.

Hayden can introduce professional resources, when special expertise is needed & you request such assistance.

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