Ten Commandments of Networking

Hayden Claisse

Hayden’s own Ten Commandments of Networking summarize a well-defined process with guides & sample documents that are available via an initial “pro bono” session

(Greatly Abbreviated Version)

Observations about each:

I. Do not ask for a job Focus on BUILDING your network
II. Always attach your resume FORMAT your resume for impact in 15 SECONDS!!
III. Update, Update EVERY 30 days You must be “top of mind” with your network
IV. Use a list of target companies . . . Make it easy for contacts to think of introductions
V. “As you requested” for updates to search firms First words to get through screener
VI. Track all contacts on spreadsheet
Don’t miss follow up contacts when you committed
VII. Position yourself as “willing to relocate” MORE opportunities, but you must be credible
VIII. Track your “hits” to measure performance How are you doing?
IX. In interviews be brief & in “consulting mode” Be curious, show interest in THEIR isssues
X. Always have a positive attitude and offer to help Comment on past employers only in positive terms

Hayden will walk you through the Complete Documentation of the Ten Cs, the Guides, Samples, and Flow Chart defining the process, in a 60 minute session 1-on-1 at No Charge.

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