Transition Coach

Hayden Claisse

As TRANSITION COACH, Hayden provides to executives “in transition” a clear understanding of an effective “networking process” to identify new opportunities

Hayden developed his own Ten Commandments of Networking which define a unique networking process.

Hayden’s first 60-min.session on his TenCs is “pro bono” WHY?

  • His way to give back to the business community
  • Builds relationships with high quality individuals
  • “Paying forward” often returns future benefits

Further, those that adopt Hayden’s TenCs are introduced to selected contacts to expand their network more rapidly.

Hayden’s FULL Ten Commandments of Networking is available free upon request.  CONTACT US  for a copy.

A proven process for building, maintaining, motivating a large network:

  • Only way to identify MOST opportunities (not public)
  • Requires commitment, discipline & positive attitude
  • Many elements of the process are critical for success

Hayden developed guidelines for all aspects of this process which are provided in the “pro bono” coaching.

Hayden also LEARNS from those whom he coaches resulting in refinements to his process and his guidelines.

One E.G., LinkedIn complements a network built via TenCs, but DO NOT use to contact, update, motivate your network!! Why? Call me!! Learn how to best apply LinkedIn.

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