Executive Coach

Hayden Claisse

As EXECUTIVE COACH, Hayden expands and refines client leadership skills as the need is identified by client’s current challenges & opportunities

Hayden’s clients are business leaders, many are owners, often in family businesses.

All desire to improve their leadership skills, e.g.

  •  Make better decisions, empower staff effectively
  •  Improve company performance for better results
  •  Plus, for many,  improve life-work balance

Executive Coaching is done via one-to-one (121) confidential meetings typically on a monthly basis.

The agenda for 121s is initiated by the client based on what is “top of mind” and currently/soon most significant.

Hayden’s role is to ask questions to:  better understand the issue, identify possible actions, assess their pros/cons & political implications.

Ultimately, the client executive selects specific actions and specific timing to get started

This commitment is noted by Hayden for future follow up.

These 121s also include getting to know one another better AND pursuing other topics related to business/personal effectiveness.

Executive Coaching 121s are contracted with Hayden in sets of four pre-paid prior to first 121.

Although normally scheduled as “standing monthly meetings” more frequently is doable and rescheduling possible.

However, a minimum of four meetings within four months is required to ensure full value to the client.


More on Executive Coaching Process

Hayden’s Executive Coaching Process includes many approaches and tools . . . depending on the client’s need, style, situation . . .

Hayden provides a variety of documents/templates for the client to define the agenda, outline issues, and process issues.

However, in all cases the client selects the tools & approaches most suitable to him/her.

The discussions in each 121 can flow in a variety of ways directed by Hayden’s questions and the client’s responses.

The intent is always to better understand the issue or opportunity, its underlying elements, company political implications, economics if not addressed, and the perceptions and feelings of the client.

Hayden’s role is to fully support the client in his/her objectives, goals, and vision for the future.

Hayden is never judgmental.  Rather, he will ask:  How did/would that approach serve your objectives, needs, or style?  Might other action(s) serve you better?

Other 121 Agenda Items are offered by Hayden to facilitate expanding leadership skills and life-work harmony:

  1. Follow up on commitments holding client accountable
  2. Review financial statements monthly, min. quarterly
  3. Develop/review monthly Performance Scoreboard goals vs results — financial and operating metrics
  4. Develop/review monthly Scoreboard of Personal Goals & results
  5. Review management team performance & growth –identify areas to improve
  6. Assess execution of corporate strategy by metrics defining progress & results vs goals
  7. Identify areas of improvement for client by internal worksessions (see Group Facilitator) OR via specialized expertise (see Resources)

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