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Hayden Claisse

Ryan G is growing in his leadership role for the family business with Hayden’s assistance as his Executive Coach

Hayden provides excellent value as my Executive Coach.  First, he provides an experienced outsider viewpoint that is invaluable to me in our family business.  Second, he often introduces new ideas for my consideration – often by raising insightful questions and at times by offering one or more alternatives when we are working on a challenge that I am addressing.  Third, he has mentored me in a way that is allowing me to develop a more mature leadership style.


Hayden’s coaching has resulted in a number of significant changes in my role as leader of the family business.  I am much better at holding people accountable for their responsibilities and their commitments.  This is clearly an area where I continue to make progress.  Also, I am learning how to run the business by the numbers.  We are installing an ERP System for the first time.  In this process we have quantified the profitability of products and customers – also for the first time.  This provided some surprises that we are addressing.


When I recruited a cost accountant and a head of sales, Hayden was very helpful in critiquing and editing my position descriptions. In fact, his coaching was also beneficial with the recruiting process. With the staff additions I have used an on-line personality profile as a recruiting tool and then as a management tool.  Two out of three times this tool is right on the money!

Hayden continues to encourage and assure me that it is okay to delegate more.  So I move projects off my desk and assign them to others.  This gives me more time for the tasks I really need to address myself.


Hayden’s support and assistance has clearly been advantageous to the company and me.  We are now well positioned for improved profitability and revenue growth with new products and new customers.

—  Ryan G., President, Snack Foods Manufacturing


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