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Hayden Claisse

Peter K is taking over leadership of the family business with Hayden’s assistance as his Executive Coach

Hayden has been my Executive Coach for 3 ½ years.   We began working together in Vistage when Hayden was the Chair for our CEO Group.  During this time via monthly 121s, Hayden has come to know our business in depth and has become a key advisor on a broad array of issues including: organization, operations, customer relations, people issues, and legal issues from a business perspective.


As a family owned business transitioning to my leadership, I greatly value Hayden’s viewpoint on the issues we address.  This is based on his multiple CEO experiences and, at times, as a “devil’s advocate” he challenges me to defend my assumptions and logic or presses me to consider other options.   Then he helps me consider the pros & cons of the alternatives and their possible outcomes and implications.  When I decide on a course of action, Hayden follows up and holds me accountable for achieving my desired results.


By working with Hayden my leadership and my organization have grown stronger.   I hold people more accountable and let go those who could not meet expectations and the needs of the business.  I have made a real shift in my management style and in taking a “results driven” approach.


During our time together my company has grown sales by 25% and profits have grown by 300%.  More importantly, we see more opportunities before us to develop new products and expand sales and profits much further.  We will support this future with an even stronger management team focused on results.


Thank you Hayden for your continuing support and commitment to our success

—  Peter K,  President,  Aerospace Electronics Mfgr

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