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Hayden Claisse

Matt D transformed the family business from insurance to investment advisory and for the last three years worked with Hayden to fine tune his leadership skills

Hayden’s has conducted One-to-one Executive Coaching Sessions with me for over three years.  I have taken on the leadership role in our family business, as I have been transforming our successful insurance business which my father began many years ago into a wealth management and investment advisory firm today.


For some of the 121s my father has been included when we wanted to work our way through a business issue with Hayden’s facilitation and input.  We both greatly value his contribution to our business success.  We have weathered the recent recession well and now are positioned to grow the business as we add staff consistent with growth in number of clients and total assets under management.


Hayden helps me to sort through all the activities and challenges as we work to grow and improve our firm.  He provides clarity and assists me in setting priorities on where I need to focus my attention.


Hayden has been very helpful in evolving the definition of the roles of my staff relative to my own as we grow and refine our business processes.  His outsiders’ perspective is extremely valuable in this regard.  The result is that he keeps me delegating more and upgrading the role of the staff in the process.


Hayden has gotten me to start paying more attention to the numbers of the business and thus taking a more proactive and more professional approach to managing our growth with intent, goals, and plans to get there.   At the same time, Hayden reminds me of life work balance on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.  My daily breaks for stress relief are now more consistent and clearly beneficial.  I have been good about periodic vacations for hunting, fishing, and surfing.  And Hayden’s coaching in this area makes me more aware and confident as I take these important breaks away from the business to regenerate my energy and excitement about the business.”

Matt D., Partner/Owner Wealth Management Firm

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