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Hayden Claisse

Marc E. has been a Vistage colleague of Hayden’s and he has consulted to members of Hayden’s Vistage CEO Group

I think Hayden Claisse is an extraordinary advisor. Hayden is a man who has both impressive credentials, and real world business acumen. Not only does he understand the practices of best-in-class companies, he has the ability to apply best management principles in a broad variety of businesses.


Hayden is equally adept at providing constructive feedback to entrepreneurs, and holding them accountable. I have personally witnessed the results of Hayden’s work, mentoring highly successful entrepreneurs who have achieved strong financial returns, and accolades such as rankings in the Inc. 5000.


Hayden is also a man of extraordinary character; he is someone I trust completely. I would strongly recommend Hayden as a business advisor and executive coach.”

Marc E., Business Strategy Consultant, Author, Vistage Speaker

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