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Hayden Claisse

Hal D. has experienced significant changes recently in his firm and with Hayden’s coaching has refined his leadership style

Hayden, as my Executive Coach, is a valuable resource.  Our monthly work sessions focus on firm-specific advice and information.  This almost always begins with Hayden asking:  What’s New? Accomplishments? Challenges? Issues?


Hayden helps me explore the issues I need to address by a combination of questions, observations, and suggestions that provide me with new insights and, when appropriate, specific management techniques that I can apply on my own and/or through the management team.


As a result of our working together, my approach to leading our firm has added a more focused look at the numbers – including productivity, financial performance, especially profitability overall and by business segment.


Further, during the last few years our firm has had significant changes.  Hayden has been fully supportive as I have successfully adapted and refined my leadership role.   As a result we have weathered the recession well and look forward to growth and improved performance.

Hal D., Chairman of the Board, CEO, Public Affairs Firm

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