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Hayden Claisse

David L. leads the family business with Hayden’s coaching & has built a strong team — now positioned for significant growth

Hayden has been my Executive Coach and our company’s Business Coach since 2007.  We have monthly 121s of 2 hours each and periodic company quarterly meetings.  Hayden sometimes structures the meetings; sometimes he simply joins in the conversation and then helps me prepare a detailed Gantt chart of action plans coming out of the meeting.


As my Executive Coach Hayden provides valuable added perspectives and input to whatever issue he and I address.  His background is particularly strong in operations and strategic planning.


When we work through my issues, Hayden stretches my thinking with a variety of questions, observations, and some suggestions.  But it is the different perspectives that he forces me to consider that are most valuable.  These lead me to identify and consider other alternatives in my responses to his questions.


Our work together in this process has resulted in a number of improvements in my leadership and our company.  I have built a management team of highly capable direct reports.  Hayden was supportive in helping me better define the position descriptions and the business goals for these new positions.  He has assisted me and participated in the interviewing process.


Our approach to management has become more professional and more structured – better organized – so that we can serve more major customers more effectively.  Our financial reporting has improved significantly through a “part-time CFO” that Hayden introduced to me.  He also introduced an HR Consultant that had improved our administration in that area.


Hayden’s own experience in both large corporations and smaller mid-market companies like the one’s he ran as president has been an extremely useful “database of knowledge and experience” that I am able to draw upon as I grow my business and learn to be a more effective leader of our management team.”

David L., President, Manufacturer of Consumer Products

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